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discover our process & meet the team


a new reality

In this initial discovery phase, we get to the heart of your organization, interviewing your team and community of stakeholders to identify strengths, challenges, values, and visions.

We review your current brand elements and marketing channels to see what’s working and what can be improved. Through an ecosystem analysis, we map the promising growth opportunities where new adopters and strategic partners can be organically cultivated. We also share proven principles and inspiring practices from the field relevant to your mission.


for impact

We facilitate an inclusive design process to review the discovery findings and explore the ecosystem of opportunities together.

You are then able to see and choose an evolutionary path that is beneficial to all your stakeholders.

From this collective wisdom, MA Studio’s team creates a distinct brand with language and aesthetic elements that are meaningful to your audiences—both internally and externally. We craft engagement campaigns and source natural channels to bring powerful storytelling to the people and places you serve. This phase can include a variety of deliverables, from identity systems, print design and website development to interactive experiences, cultural events and programming. With an agile team of seasoned collaborators, we bring projects to fruition in line with your mission.


systems change

We strive to design flexible tools and a culture of shared ownership so that your team feels confident and resourced as you grow.

Together we create feedback loops to measure impact and adapt projects and processes accordingly. Many of our clients have collaborated with us over years. We are honored to grow with such rich and inspiring communities and customize our offerings to our client’s vision and needs as they evolve.

Our purpose is to partner with you to cultivate new systems that restore ecological balance and our collective wellbeing…whose organizing principles and patterns lead to greater purpose and prosperity for all.

Mary A. Wagner, MA Studio

MA Studio

Mary Wagner, Strategist & Creative Director

As founder and principal of MA Studio, Mary helps clients clarify their purpose, uncover potential and design for lasting impact. She approaches each project with a whole-systems lens, appreciative inquiry and equal parts science and soul. For the past 15 years, she has collaborated with leaders in education, conservation, food, farming, wellness and coaching to create strategies, stories and tools that wholeheartedly engage their stakeholders, grow their revenue and cultivate systems-change…healthier communities, economies and ecologies. Her clients include Gaiam TV, Revolutionary Woman, Boulder’s Open Space & Mountain Parks, The Kitchen Community, Conscious Cleanse and the African Conservation Centre. A self-taught artist and designer, she holds a BA in Chemistry and Environmental Public Policy from Carnegie Mellon University and certificates in biomimicry and permaculture design.

520 Collective

Gia Medeiros, Brand & Culture Strategist

Gia Medeiros is founder and chief strategist at 520 Collective. She sees every brand as a living system. She has worked internationally with Fortune 500 companies in advertising and strategic planning for over 20 years and has spent the past five years developing her ability to use the inspiration of brand to address big operational challenges – deeply integrating practices of storytelling/brand strategy, organizational development/leadership and agile innovation/human-centered design. Gia has done this for a diverse set of clients including Mackintosh Academy, the Center for ReSource Conservation and the Network of Executive Women. Each effort has lead to positive, uplifting organizational change and renewal that not only tapped the hearts of community members but created change at the heart of the system.

Good Good Work

Katie Falkenberg and Drew Hornbein, Technologists, Designers & Cooperative Developers

Katie Falkenberg and Drew Hornbein are founding members of the Good Good Work cooperative. They co-design, develop and maintain the responsive technology for engaging your audience and organizing for impact—whether it’s a simple website or custom software.

Katie and Drew are adept at mapping system needs and opportunities, sourcing the right suite of tools, and efficiently creating solutions that are user-friendly now and for the long haul. They also facilitate a culture of shared ownership, helping your team make the most of your investment.

Evonna Creative

Evonna Ramirez, Communication Designer

Evonna, founder of Evonna Creative, is a communication designer and athlete who designs with the same preparation, passion and attention to detail as it takes to run a marathon. A creative problem solver, lifelong learner, and adept communicator, she brings the spirit of adventure and intuitive solutions to each project. Evonna creates brand elements and engagement strategies that offer a consistent and memorable experience across print, web and social media. She received her BFA in Communication Design from MSU Denver.